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Professor Yakov Shekhter has visited department of the Dermatovenereology

On February 16 on the basis of department of the Dermatovenerology of TMA to the Republican dermatovenerologic hospital for the purpose of professional development of doctors in assistance with the Israeli medical center Horev, the lecture of professor Yakov Shekhter, the director of institute of a melanoma in Israel, the author of an innovative technique of treatment of the metastasizing melanoma under the TIL protocol took place.
At a lecture the staff of department of the Dermatovenerology of TMA headed by the manager of department, the doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Tashkenbayeva Umida Alisherovna and professor of department Vaisov Adkham Shavkatovich, employees of the Republic Dermatovenerologic hospital headed by the chief physician took part: associate professor Ibragimov Oybek Dzhurayevich, associate professor Mukhamedov Bakhrom Ilamanovich and also the staff of department of the Dermatovenerology of Stomatologic institute headed by the head of the department the doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Azizov Bakhodyr Sadykovich, the staff of the Tashkent city branch of the Republican Specialized Scientific practical medical center of an oncology and radiology headed by professor Gafur-Akhunov Mirza Allayarovichem.
Also among guests of honor, actions were attended by the ambassador of Israel in Uzbekistan mister Eduard Shapira.
Modern aspects of prophylatics and treatment of a melanoma of a skin were discussed at a lecture. At the end of a lecture the discussion was started.


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On February 16 at 15 00 on the basis of the Department of Dermatology of the Republican 
Dermatovenerologic Clinical Hospital there will be a lecture for physicians on the theme 
"New technologies in the study of skin melanoma". Lecturer: Professor Yakov Shahter,
 Israel, director of the Melanoma Institute at the Horev Medical Center.

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Events in memory of the first president Of Uzbekistan to Islam Karimov

Events in memory of the first president
Of Uzbekistan to Islam Karimov

The first president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, would have turned 80 on January 30. 
He invariably led the republic from the moment of gaining independence. In memory of the
 first head of state on the basis of the RKVKB in conjunction with the Department of Dermatovenereology,
 an event took place.
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On December 11 another meeting of a circle on a dermatovenerology will take place.

Circle SNO: “Dermatology without secrets”

Scientific circle for students, masters and clinical interns.

Principal of a circle: senior teacher Karimova M.K.

Ph.: + 998 93 385 00 99;

Venue: TashOblKVD

Carrying out time: 14 – 16 pm

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“Life invaluable health”

Action in TTA on the subject “Life Invaluable Health”

In 1988 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced day on December 1 in the World afternoon of fight against AIDS. It is bound to the fact that acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) assumed a pandemic scale. Annually celebrated this international day serves business of strengthening of organized efforts on fight against a pandemic of the HIV infection and AIDS extending on all regions of the world. Organized efforts are referred on strengthening of public support of programs of prophylaxis of diffusion HIV/AIDS, on the organization of training and providing information on all aspects HIV/AIDS.
On November 28, 2017 the second occurring devoted to the HIV infection problem took place.

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