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расписание новое2017-2018

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Memory lesson 2.09.2017

Subject. Islam Abduaniyevich Karimov founder of the independent state of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Seminar. A role and the place of political activity of Islam of Abdughanievich of Karimov in bright future of Uzbekistan.

Independent work. Excursions in the museums in memory of the president Islam Karimov, reflecting his life and activity.

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Teachers Day 30.09.2017


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«Новые технологии и методы терапии в медицине» 4th international scientific and practical conference on January 16-17, 2017 Tashkent;
Within the conference are carried out the master – classes with foreign experts.
At the conference held in 2017 on January 17 held the master – classes such scientists as:
Prokudin S.V. is a chairman “The southern society of plastic reconstructive surgeons and cosmetologists, the editor-in-chief on esthetic surgery of the scientific and practical magazine “Esteticheskaya Meditsina” (Russia)
Zolotoryov A.A. – chief physician of L-clinic (Moscow). Treatment of pigmentations, vascular pathology.
Dr. You-Jeong Kim. Kemyong University of medicine specialist in dermatology. Indicative operations. Possibilities of laser technologies in the solution of problems of dermatology and esthetic medicine.
The conference was devoted to the 70th anniversary of our teacher professor Vaisov A. Sh.

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