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Protection of public health in our country is mainly the responsibility of the doctors and nurses. Therefore, students who will continue to work in this direction should have in-depth knowledge on the health of the population, the organization of health care. Continue reading

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ТТА «Жамоат саломатлиги согликни саклашни ташкил этиш ва бошқариш» кафедрасида 17.10.2017 йил “Graphic images, their use in medicine” мавзусида очик дарс бўлиб ўтди.

Қатнашдилар: каф. мудири проф. Рустамова Х.Е, доцент Каримбаев Ш.Д., катта укитувчи Юлдашева Ф.У.,ассистентлар Туймачев У.А., Таирова С.Ф., Тиббий педагогика 7 курс талабалари.

Очиқ дарс Даволаш факультетининг 301 б гурухи билан биргаликда олиб борилди. Машгулот мавзуси: “ Graphic images, their use in medicine”. Амалий машғулот “Талаба диққат марказида” интерфаол усулидан фойдаланган холда ўтказилди. Жамоат саломатлиги согликни саклашни ташкил этиш, бошқариш кафедраси ассистенти Мирхамидова С.М. дарсни инглиз ва рус тилида олиб борди.

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Virtial reception room of Min.Health


Opened virtual reception room of Ministry of Health of the republic of Uzbekistan

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Fuqaro muhofazasi va fuqaro muhofazasi tibbiyot xizmati fanidan ON javoblari

204 А-даволаш 210-Б даволаш 203 -А даволаш 202 -Б тиббий профилактика 201-А даволаш 103 тиббий биология 104 А-даволаш 201 -тиббий профилактика

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Voting for Motherland’s future

Voting for Motherland’s futureNavoiy Region is also thoroughly preparing to hold the elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at a high level. Special attention is being paid to raising the knowledge of voters, especially young people who are to vote for the first time, about the electoral legislation.

A national electoral system that completely conforms to international requirements was created in Uzbekistan under the leadership of the country’s First President, and a multi-party system was formed. These guarantee that citizens can freely express their will and exercise their constitutional rights.

In the forthcoming 4 December 2016 elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, more than 641 thousand voters in Navoiy electoral district No 5 are to vote. And more than 11 thousand of them are going to vote for the first time. Various events and round-table conversations being arranged by the district electoral commission at educational establishments and in neighbourhoods serve to raise young people’s knowledge about elections.

42 lads and girls will be voting for the first time at polling station No 31 in Navoiy on election day.

“I will be voting for the first time in the elections that are of important significance to our country’s future. I am proud that I will exercise my constitutional right and vote for the country’s future,” says a student of an academic lyceum of computer and information technologies at the Navoiy pedagogical institute, Jahongir Qosimov.

Source: uza.uz

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Open lesson on theme “Numerical measures”


29.10.2016 y.

Today 306-B group students of treatment faculty carried open lesson about  “Numerical measures” with senior teacher Abdurashidova SH.A.

Group has  counted the average measure of weight  and  height of student based on the theme independently.

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