Scientific – practical conference at Bukhara state university




The Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from January 23, in 2016   № 27 according  to the order 2016 of year  6-7 may  at Bukhara state university is spent a scientific – practical conference on a theme “Problems of optimization of impellent activity of learning schools, academic Lyceums and professional colleges: the decisions and prospects”

For participation the experts in physical culture and sports, teachers, students, master’s, scientist and also all interested persons on the above specified problematic are invited to a conference.

The directions of discussing topics:

  1. Problem of optimization of impellent activity of learning schools, academic Lyceums and vocational colleges.
  2. Prospect of innovation of pedagogical technologies during teaching physical culture at schools, Lyceums and vocational colleges.
  3. Problem of planning of employment by physical culture and sports at schools, Lyceums and vocational colleges.
  4. The innovation of the approaches in education of the healthy mother and child
  5. Tourism and mass trips.

The thesis of the reports are necessary for presenting to the below specified address till April 10, 2016.

Working languages of conference; Uzbek, Russian and English

Publishing of the conference materials

The thesis of the reports will be printed in language and material of the original. Volume of a material 3 complete pages, give the 1 copy paper and electronic variant. The materials of a conference will be printed at the expense of the authors. The author should pay for each page of the thesis of the reports on 10000 soum in cash. The certificates given to the active participants of conference.

The requirement to the thesis

  1. The thesis of the reports is placed on page of a format A4 with the following parameters of fields: at the left – 3 sm, on the right -1,5 sm, from above and from below – 2 sm. The pages are not numbered. The thesis of the reports are typed in the editor Microsoft Word by the version not above 97-2003, font Times New Roman Uz and Times New Roman, dimension 14, interval 1,5. The thesis of the reports are represented on one copy in electronic and paper variants.
  2. Rule of registration:

–  the first line – name of the report, capital greasy letters, second line and third line (if authors a two) – surname and initials of the author, in brackets (place of job, position), not by the greasy inclined letters. Further text of the report;

–  it is supposed no more than three co-authors. From one author no more than two thesis;

– the name of the table is written from above, is centred, further table – is centred;

–  the name of figure is written under figure. Figure and name is centred. Figures are carried out in a dot format (for example, editor Paint). The performance of figures by means Microsoft Word is not authorized;

–  the formulas are typed(collected) by the editor of the formulas Microsoft Word;

–  use any scanner of the information is not authorized.

– the complete list of sources gives in alphabetic . It is not authorized to make of the basic text, in the text snoski;

–  the reference to the literature inside the text in square [1] brackets and contains.

  1. The materials of a conference will be sent in a seal on the basis of the originals of the thesis of the reports. The reviews of the thesis of the reports will not be given, the changes will not be brought in. The thesis do not come back. For reliability of the submitted information the authors the responsibility. The thesis of the reports not adequate conference will not be printed.
  2. On separate page the information on the authors is represented:

– surname, name, fathers name (write full);

– a place of job (study) and position;

–  the contact telephone, e-mail;

–  section.

The note: the edition has the right to select the arrived materials.

The coordinator on job of a conference: Bukhara state university faculty of physical culture.

The address:Bukhara city, 200100, street. M. Ikbol, 11

Phone: 0 (365) 223-01-70; +998 (93) 476 06-98; +998 (91) 445 03-77


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Spiritual works in our department

Everyweek on Friday in our department we will working with students about spiritual works.

Spiritual and educational work of the department: activity on spiritual and educational hours and work with academic groups 4course medical-prophylactic faculty, and masters.


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Cardio-rehabilitation department reorganized from therapeutic department in 2006. The department with the aim of improving of the quality of life and rehabilitation of the patient according to individually designed scheme is carried out the complex of rehabilitation therapy for patients with ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and heart surgery and coronary vessels (coronary artery bypass grafting, stenting and angioplasty and other cardiovascular diseases. The medical process in the department is based on modern standards of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients using a modern functional and diagnostic and laboratory studies.
In the department taking into account indications and contraindications is using a system of complex treatment including drug therapy, balneo- and physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Therapy gives an opportunity to improve the patients ‘ quality of life and rehabilitation of work capacity.
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The physiotherapeutic unit is specialized on holiday of physioprocedures  by the patient who is on stationary or out-patient treatment. Big variety of physical factors: electro treatment, phototherapy, inhalations, massage, dry extension and physiotherapy exercises, the attentive relation of the qualified medical personnel to patients to receive full treatment. To each patient the individual approach is selected. High level of diagnostics, specialized units, the modern equipment, a combination of medicamentous therapy to physiotherapeutic methods give the chance to receive treatment in a complex. Patients with backbone osteochondrosis, disk hernias, arthroses, bronchial asthma, COPD, neuritis and neuralgia, stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, dyskinesia the cholic’s f ways and others are successfully treated in clinic. For bed patients there are portable devices: ultrasonik-UZT, UVCh-30, darsonval-ISKRA1, SMT, magnit-POLYUS, the device for stimulation of muscles – “INCENTIVE”.

Brand name BTL from Great Britain production there are modern devices:

Electrostimulation, induktotermiya, ultrasound therapy, traction therapy, dry extension, SWT-with great dispatch wave therapy, mechanotherapy of NUGO-BEST.

In our units there is a device – BTL-dry extension.

Traction therapy:

1. Carries out unloading of a backbone by increase in distance between bodies of vertebras.

2. Reduces the pathological tension of muscles.

3. Reduces intra disk pressure therefore decreases protrusion.

4. Increases the vertical diameter of a intervertebral foramen opening that conducts to a decompression of a nervous rootand reduces edema.

5. Eliminates an incomplete dislocation in the  intervertebral joints that gives the decompressing effect.

The Shock and Wave Therapy (SWT) — one of the most actual methods of physical therapy at treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device and a backbone which efficiency is reached almost in 90% of cases the Essence of a method of shock and wave therapy consist in influence of a sound (acoustic) wave which transfers energy to problem area. Depth of penetration of such acoustic wave can reach 7 cm. Shock and wave therapy has the stimulating effect on processes of regeneration and a reparation.

SWT is widely applied in treatment of such states now, as: rehabilitation after operations on a backbone for its injuries (fractures of vertebras) or degenerate diseases (osteochondrosis, hernias of disks etc.), pains in a shoulder (tendenit, a syndrome of “collision”), epikondilit (a so-called “tennis” elbow), ekzostoza of connections of small joints in 1 station of arthrosis, pains in palmar part of a wrist, pain in the field of an attachment of popliteal sinews, an akhillodiniya (a bag inflammation under an Achilles sinew behind a calcaneal hillock), a calcaneal spur, trigger points, adjournment of salts in joints, consequences of fractures of bones and joints bursit with a pain syndrome in a hip, pains in a groin, pains in a patella (a knee tendinopatiya), at sports injuries.

The basic course of SWT consists on average of 3 – 5 sessions, with an interval from 5 to 10 days. The SWT procedure lasts from 10 to 30 minutes.

For patients special groups for carrying out physiotherapy exercises are created:

respiratory group, musculoskeletal group, at diseases of the cardiovascular systems, at digestive tract diseases, Besides, individual development for the patients who had a myocardial infarction, an ischemic stroke is carried out aortocoronary  shunting, hernias of a disk, bronchial asthma.

The device mekhanomassage-NUGO-BEST in complex treatment is very successfully used

On this device it is possible to receive easy extension of vertebras. Mekhanomassage along vertebrae + dry heat + electrostimulation and in addition is given a belt in a set.

Also we have a device “MOTOMED” – movement therapy, for development basic motive device. This device yields successful results at treatment of strokes, arthroses, arthritises at a muscular contracture, Parkinson’s illness, traumatic damage of a spinal cord and other neurologic diseases at which it is observed restrictions in the movement of hands and feet

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Invatation to open lesson in department of “Folk medicine, Rehabilitationand physical education” with 504 c group of treatment faculty. 15.12.2015image

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