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The lesson of independence and memory


At the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 for students of the 6th-7th courses, Master’s degree on September 2, 2017, a “Memory lesson” was held, dedicated to the memory of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, I.A. Karimov, and “Independence Lesson” dedicated to the 26th anniversary of independence Republic of Uzbekistan.

On the Memory Lesson it was said about the founder of an independent state that liberated our country from the totalitarian system that developed the strategy of its modern development, as well as the “Model of Uzbek Development”, known throughout the world. And Karimov achieved respect and respect on a global scale, leaving an indelible mark on the history of our state as a state and political figure.The lesson of independence was held under the slogan “Fidoying bo’lgaymiz seni O’zbekiston”. Listened to important information about the strategy of the state development, the development of society, improving the quality of medical care, developing sports activities, providing assistance and attention to the older generation, women and youth, ensuring their rights and freedoms, as well as work aimed at protecting the family, motherhood and children. The students’ opinions on these topics were heard.

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Visiting the orphanage

Chair Internal Diseases №1 in 07.04.17 year will visit the children’s home

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We invite you to an open lecture.

1It holds an open public lecture on the theme “Differential diagnosis of bronchial obstruction. Tactics GP “

December 6, 2016 at 08:30-10:05 am at the lecture hall of the right wing 11 of the body 1 clinical TMA held a public lecture entitled “Differential diagnosis of bronchial obstruction. Tactics GP. ” Open lecture reads senior lecturer Zubaydullaeva M.T. of the Department of Internal Medicine №1 for the students of  603-604 groups of treatment faculty. We invite you to an open lecture.

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It holds an open lesson on the theme “The syndrome of headache”


On November 24, the department of internal diseases №1 is planned to hold an open lesson on “Differential diagnosis of headache. Tactics GPs. Differential diagnosis of hypertension disease and sclerotic arterial hypertension. Tactics GP. ” Open lesson holds assistant Abdumalikov FB with the inglish group 707A of the medical faculty in VMP module using the new electronic interactive teaching methods in English. We invite you to an open session

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Republican Student Olympiad on the subject “Therapy”

13-14 May 2016 at the Samarkand State Medical Institute held Republican Student Olympiad on the subject “Therapy” with the participation of representatives of all seven of the medical schools.

Olympics held in 4 stages and consisted of written work, decision of test tasks, the implementation of practical skills: the decision of situational problems, the description of X-ray, ECG and interpretation of laboratory tests. Participation of students in each round has been assessed according to accepted standards of the responses with the participation of members of the jury and the Credentials Committee.

The winners of the Republican Student Olympiad on the subject “Therapy” are: the medical faculty of the course the student 7 Lessons Shohruh summit (1st place); 7 student of the course medical faculty TMA Oripov Okil (2nd place); student of 6th year medical faculty of the Nukus branch TashPMI Ismoilov Musobek (3rd place).

At the end of the Olympiad all participants and their managers received gifts and certificates.

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